Butcher's Block is certified annually under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) by a 3rd party auditing firm.

The GFSI certification is the benchmark for the best food safety and quality practices consistent with meeting human food grade standards. Our facility achieved the highest possible "Grade AA Rating" by a 3rd party auditing firm. A standard recognized worldwide by global brand owners and manufacturers, GFSI audits cover Senior Management Commitment, The HACCP Food Safety Plan, The Food Safety and Quality Management System, Site Standards, Product Control, Process Control, and Personnel. 

Our bones are slow roasted to bake in flavor and achieve a 24 month shelf life. Each and every bone is hand trimmed prior to placement on the oven racks. Our treats, too, are unique in the fact that they are one ingredient: the beef product only. They're slow roasted in one of our 14 ovens with no additives and no preservatives—100% Natural.



Our Product Commitment


Butcher’s Block Pet Treats has a fully implemented Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system in place. All products we produce are classified as Heat Treated, Shelf Stable.

Critical Control Point (CCP)

The Critical Control Point for all products is the Cooking Step.  Each Product lot is tested using Aqua Lab’s 4TE Water Activity Meter. The Meter is calibrated daily.

CCP Rationale

The oven time and temperature is set to far exceed the minimum needed to destroy the vegetative cells of Salmonella. However, temperature just kills the potential vegetative cells. Achieving a proper Water Activity (aw) will guarantee no microbial proliferation. 

HACCP Validation

An in-plant study was conducted to determine the efficacy of the cooking process utilized to achieve desired Water Activity (aw).  During that study, samples were sent to an accredited lab for Salmonella testing and all samples were negative.

Pre-Ship/Pre-Package Verification

Butcher’s Block Pet Treats takes it one step further. Prior to shipping products in bulk, or putting products in the package, Water Activity (aw) is tested again to ensure the level remains below desired level.

PRODUCT SHELF LIFE                                                                                        24 Months on bones and treats